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Terms and Conditions

BINT works in accordance with the standard regulations as stated in The New Rules 2011 (revised in July 2013) published by BNA. It is also possible, in mutual agreement, for individuals and small buildings to work in accordance with the Consumers Regulations 2013. Offers are valid for one month from date. All prices are excl. 21% VAT and any delivery costs.

The New Rules 2011 (herzien juli 2013)
DNR 2011 is a standard arrangement for the conclusion of contracts between consultants and clients. The New Rules can be applied to projects of all sizes. You can download the DNR 2011 and notes below.

Consumers Regulations 2013
Consumers Regulations 2013, Legal relationship Consumer – Architect (CR 2013) is a reflection of DNR 2011 and designed for small jobs. Except on projects from individuals, the procedure may also be applied to contracts of small businesses.

Visit the website of the BNA, Association of Dutch architects for more information.

In case the the billing address is different from the address mentioned we request you to give the correct address (or recipient / company name) in writing, by fax, mail or email. If you use PO numbers, please indicate this in approval of the contract to BINT. If the client in the contract gives approval for the work to be done in this job, and indicates that the billing should be directed to another company, the client remains responsible for paying the bills if payment is not made by the company which is billed.

BINT starts work after a deposit of 40% of the total contract. Payment balance within 14 days after the time of delivery, unless otherwise agreed. If, during a project, the work can not be completed by BINT due to the lack of response or the project is temporarily halted by the client (eg. design changes, licenses), BINT Architects is entitled to invoice the work carried out up to that point.

Image rights always remains with BINT Architects Etcetera BV. Clients receive an exclusive license indefinitely. BINT Architects Etcetera BV is entitled to use the images for promotional purposes. Third parties can only have the image rights after written consent of BINT Architects Etcetera BV and the client. BINT Architects Etcetera BV has to be contacted for the use of images in other productions.